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Our aim is to nurture creative talents and build a community of artists providing a safe, nurturing space where a community of artists can develop skills and gain knowledge for their own professional development


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This isn't just about "trainings." This is a legit, interactive community where you can get personalized help of business topics by top industry artists.
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Get valuable knowledge and professional insights by experts with true passion in the creative sector. The premium content is going to take your freelance to the next level
  • Professional Community
    This will be a closed membership based on the gathering of “hand-picked” artists with similar interests.
  • Personalized advice

Live Time Interaction

Imagine a community where you could ask entrepreneurs, agency owners, and successful freelancers, any kind of questions, just like that, and they answer you on how really things work
  • Private and public channels
  • Find your Business Buddy
    You can pair up with a Bull Wark Member that you vibe with. Bounce ideas off one another. Hold each other accountable. Your peak performance partner for success.
  • Tough questions answered
    The Art Collective is a safe space to ask tough questions and get a multitude of honest perspectives. Out of the all active members in the group, someone has been through what you’re going through.

Valuable Resource

From pricing, to closing deals, to showing our processes and sample contracts – has potential to add tens of thousands of dollars to your revenue a year if you implement it
  • Artists perspective

    We cover the real struggle about:

    • how to get clients, how to improve your digital art agency or freelance business, or startup,how to breakthrough and become visible, ... foundation, operation, project management, how to close the sale, proposals from the artists perspective
  • Design for you!
    If you are a creative professional who works with clients, you’ll fit right in. We have members in all stages of career development, from freelancer to studio owner and everything in between


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible to join?

By applying as a member you represent and warrant to us that:

(a) you are an individual who can form a legally binding contract at law; and

(b) you are at least 18 years old, and of the age of majority in the jurisdiction from which you access the Site.


Minors are not allowed to apply or be part of the group

Who is Bull Wark

A vibrant community of artists.

Bull Wark is a group that is collectively managed, and which is bound by a similar mission and aesthetic quality. It is a both free public and closed paid membership based on the gathering of only verified artists with similar interests. We thrive on peer support, collaboration, and the prospect of greater exposure through group identity.

I have a question about your offered Services

You can find frequently asked questions almost on every our page, if the details provided on our website does not sufficient and you cannot find the answer you seek, you can always get in touch with one of our team members